Toddler Room

Toddler Room

This larger room welcomes children aged from 18/19 months to 2 years 7-10 months, working on a staff ratio -of 1:3 for children under the age of 2 and 1:4 for those children over 2 years.

Our toddler room reflects their busy nature and inquisitive minds. It provides your child with more activities to openly access and the educational areas are more defined. We have lots of specific areas for your child to access from role play, sand and water, construction, mark making and quiet areas for your child to relax.

The practitioners begin to structure the day more and provide your child with activities to promote their development and independence.

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As babies begin to take their first steps and are eager to toddle and explore further, the room offers space and a freedom to explore and gain confidence, promoting their physical skills and satisfying their natural curiosity.

Themed treasure baskets, story sacks and adult led circle times encourage the children's speech and language development, along with promoting interaction between their peers, learning basic turn taking and sharing skills whilst having lots of fun!