Fee's & Funding

The preferred method of payment at Emma's Angels is standing order, tax free childcare or work place vouchers. Payment is due on the 1st of each month in advance of your childcare. Should you have any difficulties paying your fees or need advice or support, please speak to Emma who will be happy to talk through matters in confidence.

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Nursery Holidays

We ask for a minimum of two sessions per week. This has to be over two days.

The nursery is closed on all statutory bank holidays and will close on any additional day declared a national holiday. The setting closes for 1 week at Christmas, this is normally between Christmas and New Year.

Funding for Nursery Places

A term after your child's third birthday your child will be entitled to 15 hours of nursery funding. The nursery education grant is available for up to 10 hours per day and can accessed over the year however the hours are allocated pro-rata. This funding can be shared between providers, for more information please ask the manager or access the family hub website.  The government are now offering 'top up' hours for those families whom are entitled to it. At Emma's Angels we are offering 22 hours per week over 51 weeks, not 30 hours term time only.

We also offer funded 2 year old 15 hour places for those children whom are eligible.