Pre-School Room

Pre-School Room

This room has an open plan aspect which is divided into different play areas and at a child's level for easy access, to encourage children's concentration and focus.

The areas include dressing up and role play, reading and picture books, mark making, creative play, sand and water, construction area, the den and hygge area. Throughout the day there will be adult led focused activities and opportunities for children to talk and play. All the activities carried out within the setting are provided in line with children's interests.

All children will enjoy a practitioner's individual attention at certain times through out the day for reading, mark making, shape and colour work.

Activities are provided following the children's current interests and exciting activities are provided to challenge their natural ability and stretch their developing skills.

An activity plan follows EYFS requirements and activities reflect upon children's current interests. This activity plan also includes introducing numbers and letters and continues working with shapes and colours as well as music, song and dance. Children enjoy activities based on letter and number recognition and have access to resources and equipment which encourage early writing skills.

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Qualified, experienced staff support them in gaining the confidence that will give them the very best start as they prepare for 'big school'.

This room is light and spacious room caters for up to 29 pre school children with a minimum staff ratio of 1:8 for children over 3 and 1:4 for children aged 2 years.

Our children within pre-school have bi weekly French and science lessons. We visit the library weekly for a story session and we have a sports sessionsdelivered by Guiseley Community Foundation every Friday.

The room is geared to prepare our children for school and we hope to provide a secure foundation for later learning. We offer different stages of preparation for the different age groups we have within this room. Childhood is an important period in itself and we want all children to have an enjoyable and memorable experience,