I-Watch / Web Cam

Day Nursery Rawdon, Childcare Rawdon, Holiday Care Rawdon

All nursery rooms have I-watch cameras in.

This facility allows parents to view their child at nursery, providing parents with extra peace of mind. Parents can access the facility when their children are in the setting the images are recorded so if you do not have time to access them during the day you can access them at other times. This service is provided free of charge.

Security is an issue that we take very seriously. Our main concern with regard to security of the I-watch system is the prevention of unauthorised access to camera images. I-watch accomplishes this through the use of passwords and encryption. Passwords prevent unauthorised access to the computer system; encryption prevents unauthorised access to camera images whilst in transit between the camera and your web browser. They use a common technology called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to implement encryption. Most online financial institutions use it and it is widely regarded as highly effective in the prevention of unauthorised access to data whilst travelling across the internet.